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Insulate Britain – Escaping The Fowler’s Snare

People in Britain would be familiar of late of a movement called “Insulate Britain”. Things are getting ugly quick and peoples patience is understandably running thin. It is easy to get mad at these people who are under just another false deception of the devil.

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Society & Culture

Panic Buying and The Sin Of Worrying Over Tomorrow

Toilet paper flying off the shelves, fists being thrown over tins of spaghetti hoops and petrol being carried out by the can, cup and sometimes just a plastic bag. It is a sad state of affairs to witness the human race which is blessed with actual abundance, stoop to this level of primal selfishness. And yet, why do we find it so hard to look away at these events?

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The Courage To Rest – Take Your Sunday’s MORE Seriously

I believe many of us find it hard to rest, and to rest properly at least once a week…Let’s say, on a Sunday. Yes, throughout the week we have our moments of laziness and lackluster enthusiasm, but when it is all said and done, are we truly disciplined to rest once the sabbath has risen over the horizon of all our toil?

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Questions of the Heart – The Significance Of Autumn and Change In Our Lives

The fog rolls over and spills into another September morning. The rain has been drizzling all night and while I wait for my one quarter full kettle to boil, with a tea bag already laid into position of a favoured mug for it’s boiling bath, I open the front door to assess the outside conditions. A sunrise peeking over the houses and shimmering dew is on the grass.

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Are You Strong Minded? Don’t Give Up On Yourself So Easily

If you’ve ever had somebody compliment you on being strong minded, you will likely remember the person who said it to you. On the flipside, if you’ve ever been insulted by being called “weak minded”, you would not only remember the face of the person who said it, but also where you were and what you were doing at the time.

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