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In up coming content I will be sharing about the various ways I have applied and stumbled over courage during my own life in areas such as the following categories:

  • Faith
  • Morality
  • Poetry
  • Story Time

This is an on-going learning space which involves interesting people from all corners of the world that I have encountered and can twist and turn in many forms over a life-time. Courage as a stand alone virtue is not a quick fix to never having worries in life. It hinges upon other virtues such as strength, grit, risk and fear and love. 

I speak from experience that many times we backslide into the comfortable life that does not ultimately bring us joy or growth. The journey must press onward. I think it is wonderful you have chosen to be here to read my articles and thank you for taking time out of your day, may God bless you. If you like what you see please share my content and bookmark the page to return to for inspiration.

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"Good Company on a journey makes the way seem shorter"
Sir Izaak Walton