The Home of Storytelling

Thanks for stopping by, you best kick your shoes off while you’re here. I write blog articles and produce a podcast here at Small Courage. “What’s with the name?” you ask?  

I wanted to challenge myself to create a website where those who lack self belief, can come to read or listen to content that will reignite that tiny spark within themselves to jump head long into living and telling the story of their life. How is this done? By starting with courage very small, like the growl of a cub that then grows to learn it has the fierce roar of a lion within.   

I love what written and recorded stories have to offer regular people, such as yourself. I especially take interest into what exactly comes out the oven when pop society, Christianity, with a dash of poetry is thrown into a mixing bowl of my own experiences. There’s usually a story to tell. There is real value ready to be added to peoples lives if we would simply start telling the stories we already have lived and known. 

I didn’t always find expressing myself or sharing my stories easy. Everytime I write I am a mix of excited, daunted, anxious and happy, basking in my complete introversion. I would struggle to write the first word… to even begin. 

What if I’m wrong? What if my facts aren’t right? Hasn’t this already been told? Google doesn’t need me adding to the buried pile of never before discovered blog links, right? 

This attitude gets me and nobody, nowhere. Creating this space in the vast internet is a lesson to me and others to reach beyond self limiting beliefs and push forward. Beliefs that hold captive a story, a paragraph, a mere sentence that could aid, reinforce and strengthen somebody else. if you battle for your own “Small Courage” everyday, I say it again, you are in the right spot. 

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.” –

C.S Lewis:  



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