It’s time to stop and be proud of how far you’ve come.

Are You Strong Minded?

If you’ve ever had somebody compliment you on being strong minded, you will likely remember the person who said it to you. On the flipside, if you’ve ever been insulted by being called “weak minded”, you would not only remember the face of the person who said it, but also where you were and what you were doing at the time.

Is Public Safety The Next Political Cult?

In this last year our awareness of our own mortality has only heightened with the voices of the powerful few, sounding the alarm that catastrophe is crouching at our doors. You cannot turn on the TV, switch on the radio, scroll with your phone or walk to the shops without encountering the reminder of possible death by viral infection.

Returning Once Again To Warhammer 40K

What has it been like getting back into a hobby 20 years later? Let’s find out. I also go into detail about why pursuing any sort of hobby comes with many benefits for your well-being. “Storytelling” blogs are my chance to go a little more personal about my life and some of the things that factor into who I am today.

Happy Shakespeare Day! Yes There Is Such a Thing

Poetry … you love it or you hate it. Often you fall in to one of these two tribes, with very few picking any sort of middle ground. In my experience, you probably start by hating poetry UNTIL you find one that relates to you PERSONALLY. Today Is Shakespeare Day and so this is a perfect starting point to find out where you land on this matter. You will find the best summary of the man behind all the work that has been timelessly read, acted and played for over 500 years strong.

Introduction To Critical Race Theory Politics

Critical race theory or CRT for short, is an ideology (a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.) that seeks to place everybody into clear and yet not so clear categories, which a person can quickly identify if they are being discriminated against as an individual or a collective group within society. This ideology often promotes the idea that even the very fabric of an entire country is fundamentally flawed and racist, therefore organizations such as the court system, law enforcement, universities, public spaces, schools and your private home life, must be reeducated to make people, and yes kids at an extremely young age, aware of this rampant injustice.

The Easter Bunny Origin Story

These days, Easter is celebrated in all kinds of ways. Some of you may of laid awake at night, wondering about the following questions around this time of year. Just what is the Easter Bunny? Why chocolate Eggs? Jesus did what? Blood atonement for my sins, huh? Does the Easter bunny prefer to be called “he”, “she”, or does it self-identify as something else? Here is the fast and loose on these important matters.

You’re The One -1 Year Anniversary Poem To My Wife

The first year you are married can be a strange thing. New changes to not only your own life but for that of your loved one getting used to you being around everyday. Last month we celebrated our first year together and I wrote her a short poem to share with her, and so I thought I could share it with you.