The Source of a Right Attitude – Psalm 62?

The world will try it’s hardest to bring us down. We can look for positive things to supply us with boosts in energy, rest and respite from our woes but the irony is that we want to fix the world with the THINGS of the world. What other source is there, that we are left to draw from after all this? Should we bother or dare to figure this out? The answer could be found in Psalm 62 of the Bible.


God…Who? 100 Different Names God is Known By…

“When you are creator of the universe, the origin and form of love, and have forever existed before time began, you kind of get to call the shots” At the birthing of our existence we are all given a name to represent ourselves to the world. Some are names that have lived on through thousands […]

How God Meets Us In Our Darkness

No matter what walk of life we come from we have all pondered what powers above us are watching. Whether or not a sovereign good exists, a transcendental ruler actually cares or we are just matter in motion in a cosmic vortex of planets.

Wild Wild West – Kayne Turns to Christ

What’s Happened? Kanye West – A man who needs no introduction as arguably the worlds leading music artist released his ninth studio album “Jesus is King” and the music industry has not been left the same nor will it ever be left the same. Word has spread far and wide of Kayne’s turning to Christ and […]

Why I Think Everybody Is a Theologian

Love of theology has been something I’ve taken more seriously over the last 5 years of my life and it’s been a surprising journey. From childhood (without knowledge of the differences of them all) I had been exposed to a mix of denominations such as Church of Christ/Baptist/Presbyterian and by the time I was out […]

Masculinity In Light of Holiness

“Men are obsessive self-improvement machines in some form or another” Since a young age I loved the topic of man and his purpose in life. I’ve seen my share of movies, read books, podcasts and obviously studied scripture to knit together what I can make of myself at nearly 30 years old. Some of the […]