Pop the Safety Bubble – Find Courage Again And Live

There has been a shift towards hyper-vigilance in the last two years and it is having an effect on people living their lives. What must we do, or what will it take to learn to live our lives again? Courage comes from keeping a soft heart while maintaining a tough mind.

Insulate Britain – Escaping The Fowler’s Snare

People in Britain would be familiar of late of a movement called “Insulate Britain”. Things are getting ugly quick and peoples patience is understandably running thin. It is easy to get mad at these people who are under just another false deception of the devil.

Panic Buying and The Sin Of Worrying Over Tomorrow

Toilet paper flying off the shelves, fists being thrown over tins of spaghetti hoops and petrol being carried out by the can, cup and sometimes just a plastic bag. It is a sad state of affairs to witness the human race which is blessed with actual abundance, stoop to this level of primal selfishness. And yet, why do we find it so hard to look away at these events?

Is Public Safety Becoming A Political Cult?

In this last year our awareness of our own mortality has only heightened with the voices of the powerful few, sounding the alarm that catastrophe is crouching at our doors. You cannot turn on the TV, switch on the radio, scroll with your phone or walk to the shops without encountering the reminder of possible death by viral infection.

Introduction To Critical Race Theory Politics

Critical race theory or CRT for short, is an ideology (a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.) that seeks to place everybody into clear and yet not so clear categories, which a person can quickly identify if they are being discriminated against as an individual or a collective group within society. This ideology often promotes the idea that even the very fabric of an entire country is fundamentally flawed and racist, therefore organizations such as the court system, law enforcement, universities, public spaces, schools and your private home life, must be reeducated to make people, and yes kids at an extremely young age, aware of this rampant injustice.

The Easter Bunny Origin Story

These days, Easter is celebrated in all kinds of ways. Some of you may of laid awake at night, wondering about the following questions around this time of year. Just what is the Easter Bunny? Why chocolate Eggs? Jesus did what? Blood atonement for my sins, huh? Does the Easter bunny prefer to be called “he”, “she”, or does it self-identify as something else? Here is the fast and loose on these important matters.

“You’ve Changed!” A Rude Insult Or Nice Compliment?

We’ve all had somebody volley this unpredictable flaming arrow of a remark into the air at us before – It can come as both sharp and blunt at the same time. On the one hand it could be the compliment you’ve been craving for weeks or years now to boost your spirits, on the other it could be the surprise backhander that you appear to not be on somebody else’s level. Whatever the case, the force in which these two simple words put together impact us tend to have lasting effect, piercing to the very core of our tender selves.

A Real Life Cliffhanger – What Movies Have Taught Me About Suspense In Life

Why do we love (and hate) these (sometimes predictable) storylines so much? What is so thrilling about watching the scenes of what we wish ourselves never to experience? Why are cliffhangers so important? Because we simply see ourselves, though perhaps, never quite manifested, in that chosen character. We desperately want to mimic them to become an ideal version of ourselves. It just might be that what we seek is to at least know that we are not alone.

What Actually Makes a Courageous Person?

Courageous people exist all over the planet. They are in our countries, in our communities and in our neighbourhoods. The range of things performed to become a courageous person vary in impact but do not vary in essence.

What the Gab!?

In order to build something “back better” it must be built on a better foundation than before. The globalists want to rebuild on a weak foundation of sand: critical theory, racial conflict, crony capitalism, political corruption, godless nihilist consumerism, etc. We need to build back on the foundation of Christ, family values, life, and fellowship. That’s how we will build back much better than ever before as we watch their foundation of sand collapse on itself.