One Must Strain, Fight and Love to Earn Life

There has been a shift towards hyper-vigilance in the last two years and it is having an effect on people living their lives. What must we do, or what will it take to learn to live our lives again? Courage comes from keeping a soft heart while maintaining a tough mind.

“Your Reputation Precedes You” – The Courage to Change Your Reputation in 2022

Is wanting a good reputation noble or vain? I argue that a reputation is simply an extension of our character which is developed over time. Our day to day actions lead to weekly, monthly, yearly habits that shape other’s perception of us. Saying one thing and doing another is a sure fire way to damage our reputation whereas following through on our commitments yields fruit upon fruit each year.

The Exciting Boredom and Riveting Frustration of Writing

If somebody were to ask me what it looks and feels like to write about things you care about, I would say this.

Writing is not merely pen to paper or a fingers to keyboard approach to getting your thoughts out. That is merely the mode, cause and effect of verbal articulation whereby you discuss or instruct something about a subject you know a lot, enough, or nothing about.

Questions of the Heart – The Significance Of Autumn and Change In Our Lives

The fog rolls over and spills into another September morning. The rain has been drizzling all night and while I wait for my one quarter full kettle to boil, with a tea bag already laid into position of a favoured mug for it’s boiling bath, I open the front door to assess the outside conditions. A sunrise peeking over the houses and shimmering dew is on the grass.

Are You Strong Minded? Don’t Give Up On Yourself So Easily

If you’ve ever had somebody compliment you on being strong minded, you will likely remember the person who said it to you. On the flipside, if you’ve ever been insulted by being called “weak minded”, you would not only remember the face of the person who said it, but also where you were and what you were doing at the time.

Returning Once Again To Warhammer 40K

What has it been like getting back into a hobby 20 years later? Let’s find out. I also go into detail about why pursuing any sort of hobby comes with many benefits for your well-being. “Storytelling” blogs are my chance to go a little more personal about my life and some of the things that factor into who I am today.

Thankyou To All My Readers

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