"Internet connection has made it easier than ever to be in every dog and their owners business but it becomes hard to distinguish what we should exactly do with so much power of information in our pockets."


These are dark times to be a citizen of the United States. Cities are being ransacked, businesses burn and the tempers of whatever side you are on burn even hotter with disappointment. Not all the country is like this, but there are many. The people are left wondering where does this ultimately end up? There are many angles that people are exercising their freedom of speech to will change into existence but the likely-hood of an agreement over a handshake while it’s issues of race versus police brutality will not come over night. I’ll bet that community members growing up in these towns that this has gone on, I can imagine the frustration pent up inside of people, spilling over on next chance occasion, facilitated in the form of a giant protest – looting, robbing, rioting even murdering to some how serve the cause. This in no way is acceptable as the meaning behind the message then acts as an excuse for devilish and criminal behavior. America knows their needs to be change, and quick. Let me ask you this though…

Does America need our allied help?

Should we be involved as third party countries? 

How we answer this is of course, not simple. Allow me to explain…


At face value, we can all be shocked at what has taken place in this giant place called America. The movement has such long legs, it has prodded countries elsewhere to be apart of it. Internet connection has made it easier than ever to be in every dog and their owners business but it becomes hard to distinguish what we should exactly do with so much power of information in our pockets. News like the George Floyd murder appears on our screens in an instant and, before we know it, we are asked to pick sides, drafted into the war and thrust into battle – except it’s not done by a recruitment officer in uniform handing you a pen to sign on the dotted line – It’s by social media algorithms dressed in zeros and ones, handing you a keyboard machine gun and emoji grenades to fire at will. Communication lines ironically then cease to be open. 



For the longest time the great United States has been a powerhouse of military might, brilliance of innovation, and a land of prosperous opportunity (depending how you look at it). The great American dream has been a pop up ideal to aim for in western life even as observers from over the pond. America, whether we like it or not, often sets the bar for the rest of us to catch up to. So how does this sort civil war happen when somebody (by way of country) has it better off than most? There will always be problems no matter when you live, but why has it come to this?


Don’t let this post fool you. I love America and all their quirks despite never setting foot in the place. They are fascinating in all they do and have achieved. Their patriotism for bald eagles is admirable and their drive to do the most and be the best is inspiring. As a regular guy looking to tick goals off that I have found hard to overcome, it’s often the American influence that gives me the nudge to be a better version of myself.


How they’ve helped us…

Speaking as an Australian living in the UK, America has historically and valiantly rolled up their sleeves to help us in the various fights against tyranny and war over the years. Without them we may not have the shared freedoms we experience today or the ally to call upon in the next time to come. War is in their blood and and part of how they do daily life. Warring to be the best nation in the world, leading from the front. The majority of citizens seem to want to work toward living as a fruitful nation to prosper and live well, yet their own apples core is rotting from the inside, and I wonder how long will it be until everybody reaches a taste of it. Beyond the tourism aspect and trade deals of the economy, do we have a responsibility, as like a good friend to another, to intervene and call them out? To offer loving correction and guide back to the straight and narrow? Have we chainsawed down the tree in our own eye before removing the mote of dust in theirs? Do they want our help? Have we asked?


Call to Action

  • Let me know your thoughts on how should we assist America right now as a third party country e.g advice, intervention, discussion.
  • If you live in America, what do other countries do that you think could do well to solve current problems at home.
  • Share this post at least once with somebody from inside and outside USA

L.C Rabbetts