You’re The One -1 Year Anniversary Poem To My Wife

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The first year you are married can be a strange thing. New changes to not only your own life but for that of your loved one getting used to you being around everyday. Last month we celebrated our first year together and I wrote her a short poem to share with her, and so I thought I could share it with you.


You’re the one I wanted, you’re the one I got,

This anniversary will be special,

Shall it not be forgot.

Our first year has come and so much has already happened,

Challenges may come and blessings will delight,

I stand by your side, you won’t fear being abandoned.

What will the Lord teach us, in year two and three?

I look forward to know more,

We children whom our Lord set free.

Let’s go now on an adventure, new visions come to life

Past hurts, they hold no power,

Drift further out of our sight.

You’re the One