Flowers By My Window by Lachlan Rabbetts

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Flowers by my window – What are they truly for?
In joyous times they blossom, In sad they still bloom,
They arise in times of romance or in times of gloom.

Flowers by my window – When is the wrong time for them?
With colour they brighten and smell they entice
They bring love to the atmosphere,
Many things may worry, but no reason to fear.

Flowers by my window – Who could I give them too?
Friends who have gained, friends who have lost,
Our loved ones who give so much! But who could count the cost?

Flowers by my window – Why do they come and go?
They stand so tall, they shine so bright,
These flowers like life can seem so short but brings such delight.

Flowers by my window – What are they truly for?
Maybe somebody will leave me some,
Right over my coffin door.