In Courage by Dorsey Baker

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In courage-you find
no fear

and in courage-no weakness
does appear

In courage-steps toward
danger taken
and in courage-strength
within awaken

In courage- a hero
takes shape
and in courage- the villain
can’t escape

In courage-there is a call
to duty
and in courage-out of ugliness
comes beauty



This week I wanted to feature what I came across when I was searching for courage poems. This really simple articulation brings courage down to one of its simplest forms.

Courage is not a denial of fear but a focus of action taken. in spite that weaknesses rain down on the parade. You cannot sleep, laze about or drag your feet through courage as its mysterious ingredient causes you to awaken. 

It mentions the “villain can’t escape” – no villain is faster than courage itself. It hunts down fear, doubt and disbelief in utter relentless pursuit. It hungers to overpower and is victorious in it’s goal. 

The poem finishes by saying “out of ugliness, comes beauty” meaning after courage has completed its mission within you, it leaves a sheen of confidence like a car after it’s wax treatment. 

It glows though it may not be the most modern machine on the road. It blinds you with the reflective suns rays, though it may cough and splutter to its destination. Some of you may of owned a vehicle or two that just ‘kept going’. It is like it took on a personality of its own. 

I’ve known friends who’s cars had bits hanging off it as it rattled along, while duct tape held the exhaust pipe from dragging on the road. The key had problems and wouldn’t start it but a tap of a hammer in the right place sometimes was enough to turn it over. 

Most importantly, the reason we draw an affinity to such machines even without a soul, is it personifies what we respect and desire to be as human beings. To become courageous and keep on going… 

No matter the villain.

L.C Rabbetts