Introduction To Critical Race Theory Politics

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Politics. The subject that we love to hate, love to love, and love to think we are at least nothing like that guy.

Just an idea I’ll throw at you. Why don’t we first begin with the definition of politics?

“The activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power.”

When it comes down to it, there’s never been a time in history where one could assume that they have avoided the input or output or anything so mere as a quiet chatter about politics with their friends or local hairdresser. It goes as far back to when Eve chose to get tangled in the political realm with a bleeding talking serpent, about whether or not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Like our ancestral mother, instead of remembering the original truth, we go our own way. As you’ll read on you’ll discover what a mess it lands us in when man gets involved in imposing his own flawed philosophy on the world, based on wherever the wind would take him.

It is therefore unavoidable, that in some way or another, we engage in this war of ever changing policies, procedures and laws that govern the way in which we must conduct ourselves on the very soil we stand on.

What Makes You Right?

Because even for the lonesome farmer that lives in and off the country lane, who has nobody but his sheep, cows and dogs to keep him company, there are “higher ups” that dictate the buying price of his livestock and crops. As soon as they interfere with these levers at their own time and choosing, that lonesome farmer is personally thrust into the world of politics so that he can continue to support himself and his chunk of animals. If he does not, he potentially loses himself and everything he’s worked for.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever caught yourself proudly declaring that you don’t get involved in politics and are just a good law abiding citizen going about their business, then in the next moment complaining about the price of bread these days? Congratulations you just went political. And so things only get more complicated from thereon. We’ve all done it – me included.

Especially True Of Christians, I Find.

We like to believe that we live in our bubbles with our Bible under the apple tree. We go to our jobs and vocations in the week, refrain from using curse words, making sure to say “God bless you” to your sneezing fits, so they at least know you are a serious Christian, and after they thank you, they continue their ranting about those right wing conservative nuts

“My pronouns, my pronouns! – I have rights too yanno!”  They perhaps complain.
We utter nothing of substance back.

Because we stirred no pots or trod on any toes, we later go to bed that night feeling rather splendid with ourselves.

“No trouble caused today, people commented on how weird it is that I don’t swear, ever, and I think I nailed that God bless you just right. I hope they repent and come to Christ soon. I didn’t need to speak up about pronouns being a fruitless venture – it’s all political rubbish anyway that I need not get involved with!”

The next morning, Youtube hits you with a notification about the Oprah, Harry and Meghan interview – fingers glide across your Iphone 12 plus and upon bingeing the entire segment, you are spitting one liners and memes about it on Twitter, letting everyone know your opinion is the realest.

My point is, unless you are a hermit, to which you would not be reading this, you have real skin in the game in the arena of politics, especially with any sort of social media account at hand. Don’t underestimate that bit of clever electronics inside your pocket.

I used to think being non-political was a possibility. I don’t anymore. The reason this crystalized is because you only had to have been around in this past year to be a participant in the political wheel of fortune, that is, the Covid 19 pandemic. People the world over have had their livelihoods, freedoms, rights and even their very life stripped of them. Can’t even sing in church without being told to hum, and quietly hum too, lest big Boris hears you over the county at number 10 Downing street – or aunt Margaret dies in the next pew 6 metres east of you, because of your selfish out of tune voice reaching sinful levels of volume.

Picking sides is usually never fun – sadly sometimes, friends stop talking to you based on your creed of beliefs. But if you have an ounce of awareness and decency, you would do well to realize that whatever world looks like now, it might not be of the same appearance tomorrow. It can all change within a day and this is when operating from a bedrock of truth matters.

What Is CRT And Why Should I Care?

Critical race theory or CRT for short, is an ideology (a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.) that seeks to place everybody into clear and yet not so clear categories, which a person can quickly identify if they are being discriminated against as an individual or a collective group within society.

This ideology often promotes the idea that even the very fabric of an entire country is fundamentally flawed and racist, therefore organizations such as the court system, law enforcement, universities, public spaces, schools and your private home life, must be reeducated to make people, and yes kids at an extremely young age, aware of this rampant injustice.

Once this informative lesson has had time to settle into the recesses into the many minds it infects, people often begin to act as if they are the victim in many and any circumstance.

2 Brief Examples

a. You lined up for minutes upon minutes in a busy retail store to rightfully pay for your items. Somebody jumps the queue in front of you with complete and wilful disregard. You ponder what just happened, and you reach the conclusion that it wasn’t JUST somebody being rude, it was really because you are the skin colour “X”. On top of that, when it was eventually your turn to pay, the cashier did not bother to greet you with the same level of gusto as the people before you. It must be because this “Y” skin coloured cashier is racist to people like me.

b. You applied for a new job or promotion within an organisation and failed to obtain said position. The reason you were not successful, though it said you did not meet the bare minimum in qualifications as stated in the replied letter, but really it’s because the employer noticed that you were a different nationality to them. This was clearly an example of being racially discriminated against.

Sound over the top? You bet. Yet this is benign and happening, today.

CRT also interconnects with other man-made ideological ideas which spark huge protests, marches and outrage in the physical and online public square. Here are some which are not limited to:

Equality of Opportunity
Equality of Outcome
Toxic Masculinity
Male Privilege
White Privilege
Black Lives Matter
Pro-Choice / Pro-Life
Climate Change
Defund The Police

This hydra of bulleted points above (and there are a lot more out there, believe me) take on their own definitions, which are constantly changing depending on who are the collective ring leaders and mobs of each position. Nevertheless, whoever they might be, they won’t for very long exclusively support merely one position but grab ahold of many of the other agendas that are likewise in circulation simultaneously, creating more momentum and enlarging their following, often online or in person. This is called “intersectionality”.

“Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. Examples of these aspects include gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height.”

Cut one head off the dragon, 12 more take its place. Alas, a subject for another day.

Thanks to the far reaching ability and genius of the internet, places like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have giant influence over what is called the “narrative”.

“What do you mean by -narrative-?”

A narrative is the basic theme or plot to a storyline so that everything makes coherent sense. If the narrative being told and sold is convincing and has multiple lines of testimony to its truth, before long you will have an audience, like in a movie theatre. If you are kept in good standing by the audience by telling them what they want to hear, they will likely support you in lock step, to infinity and beyond a mere narrative – this is how revolutions begin.

Few of us would remember the world before social media. You generally got your news from anywhere between 1 and 4 different sources. Radio , television, the local newspaper and the bloke at the pub knows all the rich and famous people who are actually in the skull and bone society, and he’s one of them.

It was with these means of broadcasting that had the power to effectively change the world. Now with unlimited data and time to see what the Kardashians are doing, even while seated on the throne – we are in a real mess.

Conclusion in 5 Points

  1. The narrative being sold and told with a Critical Race Theory belt buckle of allegiance strapped securely to peoples waists, is that you are always a victim.
  2. If you are a victim, you are not responsible for your words, actions and pursuits while you fight to fix the problem.
  3. CRT is a form of tribalism that has it’s heart set on ironically, dividing people and not uniting and restoring humanity like they claim. 
  4. It has a bent out of shape and warped view on how people should be valued and looked after in society. 
  5. Because the Bible (God’s written and final word) is not their source of truth, man must make up his own version of truth, to make sense of injustice, sin and reconciliation. They aim for their own social utopia.