"Men are obsessive self-improvement machines in some form or another"

Since a young age I loved the topic of man and his purpose in life. I’ve seen my share of movies, read books, podcasts and obviously studied scripture to knit together what I can make of myself at nearly 30 years old. Some of the questions I’ve felt I’ve got relatively handled through the grounding of God’s word but at large there is still an awesome amount of broadly fun questions I am navigating still with subject in hand. 


I definitely think men have a larger fascination with self-improvement and understanding why he is here more-so than women. The women don’t seem as interested in the theoretical side as blokes are but live out their life in a poetic sense. As long as things a linked together in a relative harmony and familiar pace they operate well in life.


Men are obsessive self-improvement machines in some form or another.


There are lifestyle choices to select, careers to pursue, courting a suitable help-mate, building health and wealth, raise young-lings in the fear of the Lord, making enough money (if there was such a thing), working on your social agility, diet and exercise to pay a discipline offering to, be a well organised and self reliant man, be well-read on ancient antiquity and history for extra points and make dang sure you can fix a leaking faucet while simultaneously  cooking a main meal that nobody else will complain about. Oh and clean your room as Jordan Peterson would say it. Can you hear his voice yet? 

I started off semi-serious on this list of desirable things to sorted out in your life but then I got carried away on a comedic level I hope not taken too seriously but you get my point. On our quest to become a masculine ball of everything we lose sight of what I think is the real goal as spoken by Jesus which will cover the base of being a well-rounded awesome bloke that society needs anyway.


since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”
1 Peter 1:16 

From another angle there was a very enjoyable book that I purchased at a physical christian book store (I was there when they still existed) which articulated what I was wishing to grasp outwardly to somebody but could not, in Wild at Heart (2001) by John Eldridge. 


Eldridge’s best seller touches on some annoying heart itches that haunt the majoritarian man under headings such as: “Reflecting God and the Masculine Question”, “The Poser, the Wound and the Healing” and finally “The Core Desires of a Man’s Heart”. Looking back some 15 years ago now and some spiritual maturing I can say it is not a perfect book but it certainly spoke to the man I desired to become. I recommend you check it out.


Debates about where masculinity lands in society among our culture today has become a main-stream topic. I am personally glad for the internet for this reason alone – buying books all the time could of been expensive by now. Men are thirsty to grow into even better men fulfilling roles as leaders, husbands, fathers, church members, employees, entrepreneurs, community members and role modelling for the younger generation but have the unfortunate task of sifting through what the internet has to offer them or misinform should I say. Knowing what to let in and out is a whole other issue.


This subject is such an important topic and it’s here to stay for years to come which I think is a good thing. While you are in this corner of the internet, I ask these following questions to consider:



  1. What has factored into bringing the best version of yourself out as a man?

  2. Where has the world gone wrong/too far in on what a man should be in 2020?



  1. What areas are men needing the most direction in 2020?

  2. Are we any further along with the quality of men in society than previous years?