Lachlan Rabbetts

Content Creator

I observe the world around me and then write it down. Howdy, I’m Lachlan and welcome to Small Courage where you will read, watch and listen to my insights about this strange spinning planet and everything that goes on around it.

Originally from Australia, I have lived in Bradford, West Yorkshire for over a half a decade and I’m happily married to my wife Sophia. With 2 young and fast growing children, life is never lost for things to be thrown our way but this blog is where I escape for a while to extract and write down what’s on my own mind.

I have been raised a Christian my whole life and have continued in my walk of faith to this day. God by his grace continues to refine and use me for his good purposes and I am pleased that I can now reflect even more of his image through the work undergone at Small Courage. That being said, I am not a Bible scholar, historian or anyone of significant importance but I endeavour to point almost all content back to the hope that living God’s way, brings. 

 I am ever pleased you have come to check out my content and I hope whatever you read will challenge and push you to think deeper and more courageously about life’s daily challenges. Enjoy.

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