Is Public Safety Turning Into A Political Cult?

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Safety. The thing that we all want.

In this last year our awareness of our own mortality has only heightened with the voices of the powerful few, sounding the alarm that catastrophe is crouching at our doors. You cannot turn on the TV, switch on the radio, scroll with your phone or walk to the shops without encountering the reminder of possible death by viral infection.

Is this giant spread of information told to us because there is genuine threat or is there many hidden agendas? 

When choosing to write about this I have attempted to come at the subject from a dozen different angles, only to delete entire paragraphs. The problem is not that there is nothing to say, but there is too much to say in one article.

At the bones of it, Covid:19 has not only divided people by opinions alone, but has divided people physically away from their families, workplaces, schools and churches.

Wherever you stand on the nature of the pandemic and how it has personally impacted your life, we can all agree on one thing: That the Government no matter where you live, can and will enforce new  “guidance” on a whim, with little to no warning and uphold it as law, with grave consequences for those who disobey. I didn’t actually know it was possible for the world’s economy to all but shutdown, because an elite few at a board meeting thought it was essential.

Never in my 31 years of being alive has there been this much fear of doing the wrong thing with my own health as the day I live in now. I say fear, when in reality I am not going about my business in quivering in my boots – fear, but there is a very real awareness of being watched, observed and judged based on appearances.  

“But we ARE getting back to normal! Nearly everyone is vaccinated and they’ve even let me see my mother again, drink at the pub with my mates, and pre book my holiday to Greece. Happy days, right?

Not so fast…

Yes, many places in the world are “loosening” restrictions on some of our general lifestyle choices, but they (the Government) will never actually “loosen” their grip on their new found power. Power and influence doesn’t work in this clean way. Often it is the very thing that corrupts a person. Give a person a little and they abuse it a lot.

Is this 100% of the case? No. But the cheques and balances are far from transparent with the general public. When every action, law, mandate and rule can be set under the very large banner of safety, you can get away with a lot. Skepticism is not only needed, but an essential service to yourself. 

Many politicians have fallen to their own expectations, been caught doing the wrong thing and have been able to remain with their corner office in tact. 

This leads me to the suspicion that your “safety”, my “safety” and the communities “safety” at large could be from here on forward, controlled by the higher powers that be. We are in danger of entering a global safety cult.

The sluggard says, “There is a lion in the road!
There is a lion in the streets!”
Proverbs 26:13

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