New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t Start New Ones, Finish Old.

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“New year new you! Get Ready, for it’s time to…”


What about those goals and tasks you didn’t finish or even start this year!?

The weight loss, running a marathon, new job, the car conversion, the half finished book, the shed cleanout or the money saving target?

Does this…

Sound like you?

The truth is because none of us are perfect, the new year’s resolutions that were made at the beginning of 2020 have been stopped in its tracks by all the different reasons that failing to follow through on goals, deserve itself. Things were too hard, too unrealistic, too difficult to maintain, sufficient discipline was not arranged for, and who can forget to get in there that it was because of Covid-19 that our goals could not properly bear fruit. The “unforeseen” strikes again. As with the many things that separate us from an animal, the making up of excuses as to why things didn’t happen is right up the top of the list. I know this to be true because I am just like you.

A fallen, fellow man.

I don’t mean to sound insensitive to the huge impact this year has had on everybody. It would take a very long time to go into the full range of possibilities and effects that a year like this could of had on you but I am realizing that if within myself I feel an unsettlement about who I am and what I wanted to achieve this year, even in such circumstances, then the chances that a lot of you might be feeling the same, is high.

Have you ever started a book, perhaps a new tv series, during a moment of rare relaxing and never saw it through? The moment something becomes disinteresting, too hard to understand or doesn’t seem fun anymore, I am under the impression that we tap into much less of our persistence to see that of which we don’t yet understand, through. There is another book, something else on Netflix or another thing that’s tailored fit to my need in the moment, I just need to find it. Of course, this is a laughable example but you get my point.

Finish What You Started In 2021

I’ll bet that, If we were to add up our new year’s resolutions, whether ones that were proclaimed to the world or kept quietly in our own minds, of even the last 5 years, we would have enough on our plate to see us through the next 10 with a full weekly schedule to achieve them. Even the smallest of person with the smallest proportion of courage can revisit their original goals and re-attack them with the force of heaven. There is no shame, in fact, people will admire it. There are no excuses anymore, if you have made it through the year 2020 alive. Count your blessings and tarry on.


L.C Rabbetts