Seeking Timelessness In A Temporary World

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The idea came into my mind one Sunday afternoon

One child was napping on top of me and the other was playing. Here’s my chance. It’s time to “window shop” again for my new laptop, or a new ipad, or maybe go right down the middle for a “2 in 1” Surface Pro.

“I could really do with this…” (Dribble nearly coming out my mouth, looking at gadgets across the internet.)

As the minutes of scrolling went by, the justifications for such a reckless purchase scrolled even further down my mind. I had exciting feelings of anticipation and visions of me using this new life changing item. I would love it. With every question I had, this thing had answers. I could even see how it would (in my mind) turn a profit. It’s like an investment buy, right? This is what they say anyway “Invest in yourself” or something like that.

And then I caught myself. I caught myself in the loop of discontentment once again. I smiled that at least I had the awareness of it happening. I felt stupid. I allowed the excitement of the idea to thaw me out, before reaching for what is still a fine tablet, a work horse over the years for typing this up.

How proud I must be in my need for the bleeding edge of material things when only a few generations ago things I was trying to achieve were simply with ink and paper. Generations before that the printing press was only just discovered. Today the power of the internet, a pocket library, is at my hands with so much accessible knowledge and I am wishing for more? The itch of discontentment begged of me from an angle of wanting something to last forever. I wanted to upgrade to a device that would see me through the time. It would do everything I needed and at speed to leave everyone else in dust.

This got me wondering about timelessness of earthly possessions in general. Even when you store away from all danger, thieves and the elements, things naturally degrade. We however, are designed for immortality but are cursed into a mortalized version of flesh and blood because of sin. Our ancestors have wanted the same things as you and I too. Things to last for all time. The reason it’s fun to upgrade cars, phones, jewelry or anything else for that matter is because when the new object first graces our presence, it is radiant and without blemish. It’s beauty brings a grind to our faces and we wish upon this small moment to last forever.

I am not against the buying of new things. They should be enjoyed as gifts from God and used rightly for the purpose. There inevitably will be a time I upgrade my belongings, and that is to be looked forward to. This is just a reminder that we are made for bigger and eternal things ahead. This desire comes from God who is eternal and holy whom is gracious to share in things that are also, eternal and holy and good. While we are made in his image we bear the desires of Him who holds all pleasures forever more in his hand.

L.C Rabbetts