My Vision and Direction For Small Courage

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Some of you may of noticed 

a good many overhauls of the website, logo and banner for Small Courage. There’s been good reason for this and as I’m about to explain, I believe the true direction of Small Courage is still yet to come to its most natural season of fruition. 


The moment I knew I wanted to begin a website blog called Small Courage, begun when the name came to me in the middle of sanding down a marble mantle piece at the factory that I worked. I always had headphones on while I worked and over the years of listening to so many podcasts from regular people starting their own business from the entrepreneurial sector, I’ve had a nagging itch to do something of that kind. I scratched it once and it never stopped. The kind of itch that demands more intense scratching after the every time. Most days I’d be daydreaming on the bus to work, at work and then on the way home from work, about being at home at my desk, poking away at the keyboard towards the success for this vision. 



I admire the purity of some people that do a blog or podcast as a mere hobby with no profit, but being honest with my goal before you, I still want to deliver a product/service that provides deep value and can support me one day. 


Of course whenever I got off work and after tending to other my responsibilities, I didn’t exactly know how to transport this idea to paper. If you’ve ever tried to draw something from the blueprint in your brain, and instead of the Mona Lisa and was more like the image below, then you’ll know what I’m on about. 



I didn’t have any skills in business, branding, website design – even my writing was uber rusty. It was a lot harder than my dreams had me believe. All the people in the podcast airwaves seemed to make it sound simple even when they balanced their advice, by saying it obviously takes a lot of hard work to persist through mistakes and barely a visiting audience. On top of this by the time I had finished work, I was worn out, back was shot, hungry and filthy. I did minimal work on Small Courage during evenings as I recuperated and opted instead for a early morning routine to fit in this pipe dream of mine.


6am, 5:30am, 5:00am, 4:30am even 4:am.


These were my targets if I was going to make anything happen. If I started work at 8am and I wanted to retain my only window of time to go to the gym, which meant I had to be there for 6:30am – this is what I had to do. Whatever time I wanted to put into this thing depended mostly on what sacrifice of sleep I was willing to make. This was around the time “waking up early” was becoming cool on the internet, to my aid. A flurry of people on Youtube did their spiel on why they felt they got so much more done in the day from going to bed early and waking up before the roosters alarm. I partook in this and overall it made me happier. Having a slower morning to work on a side project, workout, eat breakfast on the way to work, before beginning the weekday grind felt fulfilling. I held about a 65% consistency rate on this routine. If I slept in a few times – oh well. A margin for humanness is an importance to health I believe. 



A year later and already the vision for this is looking and feeling vastly different since the day I put down my electric sander, to scribble down the name Small Courage onto a scraggly corner of paper to register it for a domain name. From there it was just about learning the tutorials of WordPress, Elementor and Canva. 


As 2020 rolled around I mentioned in my post here about losing my job over the lockdown. Covid:19 has brought it’s hidden blessings, however. Not only have I had enormous time with my kids but ample time to ponder what direction I’m taking the brand and how serious I am.


Branding is ultimately about association.


People associate/relate with Nike because they want the “Just Do It” mentality towards their health and fitness. People want to associate with Apple products because it’s not just owning a piece of high end tech but it’s a beautiful, eye catching object, that makes you “Think Different” about what a phone or computer is.


So what about us? What should people associate this little website in the infinite ether with? With this question in mind, This.


This is where we are going.

Courageous stories being told from you, the people. The Logo not only features images of people who look like they’ve got a story but it resembles a bit about my personality, own experiences and what I like to do.


The honest truth is I could purely write stories about myself on the blog but the river of stories will eventually run dry. It just wouldn’t be as interesting as it could be. Readers and listeners will not get fed a very dynamic diet of courage. with this in mind…


I want that to change from today.


True courage comes from the inspiration of regular people, which could be you. The good news is we all have a story or two or twenty, that will benefit somebody else’s life. How many people go to their graves with the most amazing of tales kept stored away from others? 



This chain-link system of content could change the world and this will become a hub for people to come and learn that they aren’t alone with their fears – as people unfold their stories to me, you may well realize somebody has already walked the path you might be treading today. 


I am excited to announce in the coming weeks I am going to get in touch with some people to tell me their own stories of Small Courage that will be up here on the website to read and perhaps listen to. We want you, our valued readers and listeners to associate Small Courage as a place where the best stories from regular people are being told, that leave a positive mark on your life. Inspiration should not feel like the sugar-rush hype like it so often does from the internet. We are going to do it differently here. 


I am looking further into podcast equipment suited for interviews as well as a new style to blog the new content, so please bare with me as I push ahead with courage to learn all this. I’m off to fetch some stories. God bless you.


L.C Rabbetts