Losing My Job In Lockdown – Here Was My Response

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In almost all the jobs I’ve had where the door had to be shut, whether for their reasons or mine, I’ve usually shed at least one tear or gulped a frog in my throat over. I care for my work, the relationships I’ve built and the comfortability that comes with years routinely working in the same place, around the same people.

Outrun Your Own Shadow – A New Perspective On Life

“I could pretend this shadow was the old version of myself and I was running to catch it (out in front), or running away (behind me).”   A concept came to mind while I ran in the evening of the day… Out run the shadow.   I’ve been taking running more seriously since the lockdown […]

It Has Been 4 Years Living In England – What Have I Learnt?

“I make it a point in conversations with people, that the two countries mentioned, I love for their own exclusive reasons”   In this article I wish to share some thoughts again about what I’ve learned about life since moving to the UK. In one of my first blogs called Loving Where You Live, Even Bradford […]

So The Kids Started Drawing On My Arm

“The kids would play for a while, climb on us the next, and soon discover that drawing on my arm, during my hazy stupor, rather delightful fun.”     My brain was foggy and unusually so for a Monday. I had chosen over the last couple weeks to stay up very late for no good reason […]

You Can’t Change on Your Own – Insights From Helping a Friend Move House

“Without removing the clutter of bad habits and repositioning the good stuff about ourselves we can become convinced there is no better life for us.” It was a muggy hot Saturday morning in Bradford with buckets of rain forecast for later in the day… “I’ll be up shortly mate”. Paul texting before coming to get […]

The Source of a Right Attitude – Psalm 62?

The world will try it’s hardest to bring us down. We can look for positive things to supply us with boosts in energy, rest and respite from our woes but the irony is that we want to fix the world with the THINGS of the world. What other source is there, that we are left to draw from after all this? Should we bother or dare to figure this out? The answer could be found in Psalm 62 of the Bible.


Advice On The Battle For Long Term Change-

“No matter the change required, the truth is we keep ourselves in our own holding cells when it comes to advancing as a human being” We are what we practice and every day we are practicing skills that we just have no awareness of. When it comes to finding the courage to practice something new that […]

How To Take Care Of Yourself During Lock-down

“We all need to make decisions for ourselves how to look after our “best” selves if that is indeed in our best interest” As we all know a lot of the globe is transitioning into “phase 2” of the Covid-19 lock-down and people are wondering how they will best spend that time in the world. […]

Elrond – The Underrated Wise King

“Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.” -Elrond, Lord of Rivendell The theme for this week has obviously been about Lord of the Rings quotes and how it can be expounded today. […]