Is Public Safety The Next Political Cult?

In this last year our awareness of our own mortality has only heightened with the voices of the powerful few, sounding the alarm that catastrophe is crouching at our doors. You cannot turn on the TV, switch on the radio, scroll with your phone or walk to the shops without encountering the reminder of possible death by viral infection.

Returning Once Again To Warhammer 40K

What has it been like getting back into a hobby 20 years later? Let’s find out. I also go into detail about why pursuing any sort of hobby comes with many benefits for your well-being. “Storytelling” blogs are my chance to go a little more personal about my life and some of the things that factor into who I am today.

Happy Shakespeare Day! Yes There Is Such a Thing

Poetry … you love it or you hate it. Often you fall in to one of these two tribes, with very few picking any sort of middle ground. In my experience, you probably start by hating poetry UNTIL you find one that relates to you PERSONALLY. Today Is Shakespeare Day and so this is a perfect starting point to find out where you land on this matter. You will find the best summary of the man behind all the work that has been timelessly read, acted and played for over 500 years strong.

“You’ve Changed!” A Rude Insult Or Nice Compliment?

We’ve all had somebody volley this unpredictable flaming arrow of a remark into the air at us before – It can come as both sharp and blunt at the same time. On the one hand it could be the compliment you’ve been craving for weeks or years now to boost your spirits, on the other it could be the surprise backhander that you appear to not be on somebody else’s level. Whatever the case, the force in which these two simple words put together impact us tend to have lasting effect, piercing to the very core of our tender selves.

BOOK REVIEW: First Man In by Ant Middleton

Like it? Share It! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on linkedin Share on email Welcome to the first Small Courage book review… This week I finished Ant Middletons book, “First Man In” to which you will see why I really enjoyed it. It was given to me from a friend […]

The Passing of the Dark by Lachlan Rabbetts

Like it? Share It! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on linkedin Share on email To the grieving families of today,To the uncertain many of tomorrow. Desperation wisps the air,Loneliness sloths the couch,Boredom under skin and frustration at ears,Hope feels low, progress comes slow. The bodies may pile, the news headlines […]