Thankyou To All My Readers

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This weeks blog I’m here to tell you there is no usual blog content this week. 

But don’t worry! …This will be rectified in a week or two. The reason for this is because I started a new job. In an earlier blog post and podcast I mentioned I had to face the reality, like many others around this globe during this crazy time, that I was being made redundant.

I’m blessed to obviously report I have a new job in which a serious amount of my time and energy has now redirected, not only from this blog but my family. Everybody under our house is adjusting and handling to me not being around home as often differently, and we are all of varying degrees tired by the end of the day.

I thought about searching for an interesting story for temporary contents sake but I don’t wish to make a habit of utilizing too much recycled material. I prefer having original and fresh content directly from my own keyboard to give to you. I guess there are small traces of courage whenever it comes to being honest to somebody else, including you my reader.

I need to swallow I can’t do it all and get it all done. I need to accept I’ve had a huge change to adapt to and reflect on that. I do like to write about big things that are happening inside my head but at the moment I can only process what is going on, actually, by just staring out the car window on my commute home.

I’m meeting new people, learning policies and procedures, work cultures, their awkwardness around me, expectations, skills and routine and then on top of that I need to perform as the leader at home – a husband and a father, when perhaps they’ve not had terrific or easy days. All this to say, I’m happy so far with this new job.

I have about half a dozen semi baked blogs that need some polish which should sound not all that discouraging. The content is not far off at all, in which I look forward to finish one off by next week I hope. Podcasts likewise are a few behind but I am proud of what I have achieved of late and all I’ve learned from this steep 18 month blogging learning curve. Maybe consistency is more than just meeting deadlines, but remembering the long term vision. I’ll leave you with that.

Thanks for being my audience here at Small Courage. Be back soon.