The Hills Ahead – Douglas Malloch (Poem)

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The hills ahead look hard and steep and high
And often we behold them with a sigh;
But as we near them level grows the road,
We find on every slope, with every load,
The climb is not so steep, the top so far,
The hills ahead look harder than they are.

And so it is with troubles, though they see so great
That men complain and fear and hesitate,
Less difficult the journey than we dreamed,
It never proves as hard as once it seemed;
There never comes a hill, a task, a day,
But as we near it, easier the way.

Douglas Malloch

A Real Life Cliffhanger – What Movies Have Taught Me About Suspense In Life

Why do we love (and hate) these (sometimes predictable) storylines so much? What is so thrilling about watching the scenes of what we wish ourselves never to experience? Why are cliffhangers so important? Because we simply see ourselves, though perhaps, never quite manifested, in that chosen character. We desperately want to mimic them to become an ideal version of ourselves. It just might be that what we seek is to at least know that we are not alone.

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What the Gab!?

In order to build something “back better” it must be built on a better foundation than before. The globalists want to rebuild on a weak foundation of sand: critical theory, racial conflict, crony capitalism, political corruption, godless nihilist consumerism, etc. We need to build back on the foundation of Christ, family values, life, and fellowship. That’s how we will build back much better than ever before as we watch their foundation of sand collapse on itself. 

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In Courage by Dorsey Baker

This really simple poem is a great articulation of what courage brings to the table. Courage is not a denial of fear but a focus of action taken. in spite that weaknesses rain down on the parade. You cannot sleep, laze about or drag your feet through courage as its mysterious ingredient causes you to awaken. 

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