We Need to Talk. How are you doing?

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Hey, it’s nice to see you again. I have missed the clack of the keyboard into the night as I think of something that might interrupt somebody’s day/week/month with positivity. 

Unfortunately I have nothing in particular to cross swords with minds even after this month hiatus – but the blog transcends as a virtual home for my words. Words, perhaps never actually spoken, properly articulated or simply that the right person in time was not present.

In my last post I sent out a thank you for all of you who partake in the content illustrated here at Small Courage. I was a little adventurous by saying I might have some half baked ideas completed by the following week but I had to intentionally step back. 

While millions around the globe suffer the loss of their jobs, I have had the blessing of a new one which I am awkwardly coming to terms that I really actually… like? For times as these in 2020, I have wanted to nurture this victory by investing those extra reserves of energy and thought into ensuring I impress the people who selected me. That I don’t let them forget the interview version of me, and win what I can. It became evident there was little time for writing in the meantime while a field full of harvest needed plowing.

For many in 2020 this has not been the case for them for they have reaped more thorns than flowers. The year has met so many people with different challenges, surprises and twists and so I wanted to check in with…


Virus pandemics are all the craze, presidential elections rage on, the kids have been extra ratty, the marriage could be rocky, and a lonely Christmas is looking like a large possibility.

There is no doubt that It’s a pressure cooker situation for some of you, and maybe you aren’t sure how much longer you can take it. Right now there might be few words that would comfort you. There are few things that ease the stress of what you might be going through, without knowing the ins and outs. 

I am hoping instead of hard answers being the solution, I could instead simply ask you this…


How are you doing?