What Actually Makes a Courageous Person?

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Courageous people exist all over this planet.

They are in every country, in our communities and in our very neighbourhoods. The range of things performed to become a courageous person vary in application but do not vary in essence. There are those who have been to war or come out of horrific situations which have gone on to positively influence others because of what they can teach through the things that happened.

It also does not always have to call for a huge sacrifice, it can be small yet remain significant. Maybe the first time we learn courage is when we were kids, throwing off the trainer wheels on the bike or standing up for somebody being bullied in school, redirecting the attention to you.

Just leaving the house for some individuals (I’ve been one of them), has come at great expense of my own humility and courage. Those small courage moments set off the ripples of positive influence in our lives that can translate into surfing waves.

Removal of the trainer wheels might seem scary but it will turn the kid who ‘can only try’, to the kid that simply ‘can’. The opportunity to to stand up for a friend in an awkward situation will likely be paid forward by them feeling courageous to do the same for others – remembering the sacrifice made for them.

Once I got over my dread of leaving the house, with each step that took me further away from home, It’s like I had hit the refresh button inside my head. I had a new mindset to go on an adventure, to see new places, spot new things and share a smile with a stranger. Before the day was over, I felt refreshed.

There is no explicit checklist of things that will simply generate a courageous person, but if you have done any of these things below, you in fact already be super courageous…

-You did something to serve others

-You arose to the occasion when somebody needed you

-You recently took a chance, regardless of outcome

-You are not afraid to act on dreams

-You’ve come out of a bad situation and turned it around

-You’ve learned how to say ‘no’ to things

-You’ve learned to say ‘yes’ to things

-You’ve taken an unpopular stance based on the truth

-You’ve admitted you don’t know everything or need help

-You’ve used your strength for others weaknesses

-You’ve shared your weaknesses

-You are persistent and realistic with goals

-You take responsibility for your actions and say I’m sorry

-You lead others

As you can see there is a very broad application to courage.

There are many things you can do from above that will exercise this muscle but be warned, these are by no means easy to do. Without courage we can not reach for anything significant in our lives. We won’t be able to act with urgency and poise. We cannot see beyond our own noses to believe what is possible. Maybe this is the reminder you needed that the small can translate to the big.


1.) What does a courageous person look like to you? (Repost this with your answer in writing)

2.) Who is somebody you model for courage? (Tag or send this to somebody in mind)

3.) Is there any points here that have been missed? (Comment below)