What the Gab!?

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I caught word of this place called “Gab” over the weeks.

A new social media platform rising with great popularity. I know, I know – why do we need another? “Get outside more”, I hear you… but with Gab it is backed by a freedom of speech advocate whom is also a Christ loving Christian. A few hours of research revealed that CEO Andrew Torba has had his creation removed off the two major app stores, that of Google and Apple along with not being allowed to receive customer electronic payment by the likes of Visa and Mastercard. He has received death threats and blackmail by the big boys in tech, that if he wants to play ball, he will have to build his own internet. 

Well fair game to him because that’s exactly what he has done since 2016, building a new foundation to make freedom of speech online an actual reality and not a fabricated reality that is controlled by people that have squandered their power and wealth to the dark side. 




In order to build something “back better” it must be built on a better foundation than before. The globalists want to rebuild on a weak foundation of sand: critical theory, racial conflict, crony capitalism, political corruption, godless nihilist consumerism, etc. We need to build back on the foundation of Christ, family values, life, and fellowship. That’s how we will build back much better than ever before as we watch their foundation of sand collapse on itself. 

So have we jumped across for a sniff at “Gab”? You bet. Will it topple Facebook/Twitter and so on? It’s got a long journey, but exciting to watch. 


Check us out, give us a follow and break out the popcorn. It’s about time Christian nerds rolled up their sleeves and got into the fray against the giants of tech.


L.C Rabbetts