"Without removing the clutter of bad habits and repositioning the good stuff about ourselves we can become convinced there is no better life for us."

It was a muggy hot Saturday morning in Bradford with buckets of rain forecast for later in the day…

I’ll be up shortly mate”. Paul texting before coming to get me.

It was move date for him and his wife so we made arrangements that I’d be there for him. Luckily for us It wasn’t a long distance move requiring multiple trips with large vehicles and tie down ropes. Instead the requirement was that of hands, daylight, and prayer for the rain to keep off our backs. Things needed to be shifted from one quadrant of a building conversion to a different one. I could tell by the look on his face it had been a long few days leading up to this and the main job at hand was going to be a rugged one. It needed to be done either way. 

The space they would newly be occupying would accommodate more living area and flexibility for office space. It already looked nice but the new space was great. Things were getting cramped with him and his wife both working from home so the decision to upgrade was a no brainer. I was showed around before the main event commenced. What was great about his new house was a special upstairs room that we chuckled we would section off from the ladies as our man tavern and hang-out. Updates to follow.

As with any house move, you do it in parts. Little things get boxed up, medium things can be solo carried bit by bit, and big things either need dismantling or additional hands to lug over. It was a team effort and it felt good to help a friend, who had done the same for me. 


What struck me while doing the removals was what physically moving house does to enable fresh inspiration and thinking. The art of moving house well and with speed, I believe is a vision. A future vision to be precise. The knowledge that all the same possessions must occupy different spaces and sometimes for new purposes. The ranging of items vary from cabinet furniture, white goods, personal belongings, tables, decorations and most of us have those picture frames that we never got around to hanging up, now have a perfect spot to go.

How differently we can view things potential and purpose once we see it positioned in a new setting. Items that did not have a ‘place’ now sit front and centre, complimented by it’s neighbouring home decor. keepsakes that were so important to us once upon a time look obtuse in a new home and can be let go of, given away or replaced with better fitting equipment.


This then got me thinking it’s a metaphor for making changes in life. Without removing the clutter of bad habits and repositioning the good stuff about ourselves we can become convinced there is no better life for us. We’ve done it all and tried it all. We try change something about ourselves on our own and become desperate, despondent and discouraged that things aren’t moving quick enough, if at all.

3 Types of Friends that are so Important to Help Pick Your Battles of Change:


1) You need friends you can rely on that will remind you of possibilities with small things, rearrange your thinking on current things and give out new ideas for freshness.


2) You need friends who can solo carry medium sized problems with you to your new destinations in life, both physically and emotionally.


3) You need friends who have the strength to do the heavy lifting with you, in those inevitable moments when life is too much to carry on your own and the rain may fall.


All three of these types of fellowmen/fellow-women can help envision things for you when maybe you don’t see it. These types of people can help to point out when things won’t fit in your life the same way and need to be purposed elsewhere. Hopefully these friends have had to do some moving around of their own so that you can you see that most people carry with them similar problems but have figured out ways to make the proverbial corner sofa fit.


As with actual moving house, It took some doing, but we got it done as a team. The pain in the legs, the suffering of the arms from all the lifting and the headaches from all the planning made the satisfaction of, at the very least, a vision in progress, so satisfactory. Your life vision will likewise be painful with big days of moving and shifting of large mindsets and you won’t be able to do it on your own. 

L.C Rabbetts – Blog Writer @ Small Courage